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Tony Adamowicz

Tony Adamowicz

Fresh from winning the 1968 under-2-liter Trans-Am championship in a Porsche 911, and then the 1969 Formula-5000 Series championship in a Chevy-powered Eagle; Tony Adamowicz burst on the international endurance racing scene where he played a vital role in the legendary battles between Ferrari and Porsche in the 1970’s.

The racing heritage of both auto makers rested on the shoulders of a handful of men, and Tony was one of them.

Adamowicz is available for personal appearances and merchandising. Contact Race Legends for details and schedules.

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Career Summary for Tony Adamowicz

1968 < 2Liter Trans Am Champion
1968 Trans Am Championship for Porsche
1968 Formula A/5000 Champion with Eagle
1971 3rd overall 24 Hours LeMans Ferrari 512M

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