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David Hobbs

David Hobbs

Television motorsport analyst and commentator David Hobbs is a multiple champion road racer with a career that spans three decades. His racing started in a Morris Oxford in 1959 and extended to the 1993 Fastmasters Championship in 1993. His major accomplishments include winning the SCCA Trans Am championship in 1983 with five victories in the DeAtley Racing Corvette, 11 wins in IMSA Camel GT, 3 third place finishes at Le Mans, 22 race wins in a seven year Formula 5000 career and the championship in 1971, four Indianapolis 500 starts with a fifth place finish in 1974, a third place in his debut F1 race in 1966.

Hobbs has become a familiar figure to millions of the Speed Channel, Fox Sports and NBC Sports television fans for his colorful and insightful commentary during racing events, particularly as part of the F1 and Le Mans coverage.

Hobbs is available for personal appearances and merchandising. Contact Race Legends for details and schedules.

Career Summary for David Hobbs

F1 1967-1974
6 F1 Starts
20 Le Mans Race Starts
1971 SCCA Formula 5000 Champion
4 Indy 500 Starts – 5th place 1974
IMSA Camel GT and FIA Sports Cars – 11 wins
SCCA Trans Am Champion 1983

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